It seems there is an endless supply of fantastic Maine Vanity license plates out there. And Morgan, the official King of Maine Vanity spends hours finding and curating these plates. Here are the picks from this past week.

We so many filthy and inappropriate Maine plates out there, that we think it best to start with a sweet one.  ILV MOM!


...hear me ROAR!


We like this one because it's funny and we love Jeeps. But extra bonus points are also given for the very rare "double use of letter" move. Keep this move in mind as you ponder your Maine vanity plate.


Hahahahahahaha. OK then.


Nice Star Trek reference here. 12 bonus points


Here's a good Maine expression!


Good to know who you're driving next to.


Thanks for checking out this week's bumper crop of Maine plates. Until next week, BUH-BYE!


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