This is very cool to see! It's new behind the scenes footage with the cast and crew from 'The Fate of the Furious' extolling their amazement over the Ripsaw super-tank. The actors are hyped about this beast! 

Watch as this Maine-made wonder of technology jumps off snow banks, stops on its nose on ice and does 360s. Builder Geoff Howe says it's "the fastest, strongest, super lightweight tank in the world right now."

At Howe and Howe Technologies in Waterboro they build extreme tanks, robots, fire trucks! Friggin’ Awesome, right? According to their website,

With a reputation for innovation, efficiency, and outstanding ethics, Howe and Howe Technologies continues to exceed expectations and impress industry and clients alike, from the US Government to National utility companies to Hollywood movie makers.


The Ripsaw EV2 will be on display this Friday night for a special premiere at Smitty’s in Sanford at 6 p.m. The talented Mainers who built it will be there, too. All proceeds will benefit Outdoors Again, a non-profit aimed at getting people in wheelchairs back to the fun of outside activities.

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