WBLM celebrates the 70th birthday of an iconic American treasure! He was born Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen on September 23, 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Bruce has always been a champion of the working class. He works pretty hard as well. His high energy concerts usually last over three hours.

In 2016, he broke his own live endurance record in the US by going over 4 hours! He just did not want to leave the stage that night. And that’s why we call him “The Boss”.

Legend has it that Bruce Springsteen's first show in Maine was at a little college in Houlton in 1973. This was 2 years before he became a superstar with Born to Run. We love that he really went the distance and played the 'County'.  

There was 'Magic in the Night' at Lewiston's Central Maine Youth Center for Bruce's second Blimpville appearance in 1977.


Mainers probably thought they'd never see anything like it again. Luckily Bruce fans got to see him one last time at  the Augusta Civic Center.

It was the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour in the summer of 1978.