Happy Birthday to the guy who wrote the music for the song, Hotel California. Don Felder was born in Gainesville, Florida on September 21, 1947.

He was invited by the Eagles to play slide guitar on the song, Good Day in Hell in early 1974. The next day after Don was in the studio recording that track, he was hired.

Felder was a guitarist and vocalist in the Eagles from then, until an ugly legal dispute led to his departure in 2001.

When Joe Walsh joined the band in the mid-seventies, he and Don became one of the most memorable guitar duos in rock history.

Don Felder was on the bill with Styx and REO a couple years ago upta Bangor.

What an incredible set of Eagles classics and of course, his 80s solo hit and Blimpster fave, Heavy Metal.



Tommy Shaw from Styx joined him for a really great Take It Easy.

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