32 years ago today, the Grateful Dead and Little Feat played the first of two historic shows at Oxford Plains Speedway.


On Sunday July 3, 1988, my brother from another Bryan Tarbox and I took my red Volkswagen Rabbit held together by Dead stickers up Route 26 for the second time from Portland. The 'Grateful Bunny' got us there for the closing night of two days of peace, love and music.

The V-Dub's radiator blew up just as we were leaving the dusty parking lot after the show. Good thing we had AAA! That little aggravation at the end of the ultimate party was absolutely worth suffering, considering all the magic musical power we received. Thank you, boys.

Let's see what was shakin' on Shakedown Street in the lot at OPS.

We even shut down I-95 North with traffic. The band flew from Cape Elizabeth to Oxford by helicopter.  It was our very own Woodstock festival in the western hills. The weather was great, the scene was still very cool, and the Grateful Dead played what would be their last shows in Maine.

Here's what they played on Night Two. I'll never forget how especially on fire Dear Mr. Fantasy into Hey Jude was! Then Not Fade Away! Best weekend evah!


Watch this video from shot from the crowd on June 3, 1988. It's amazingly good audio quality and pretty good visually except for occasional shakiness.

Check out this audio! Legend has it that this rare tape recording was left behind by the Dead at The Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth. They enjoyed a luxurious stay there during the weekend of the Oxford shows.

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