Well since there aren't any live concerts in Maine this summer, it is will be very rare if we have any rock star sightings out and about.

Over the years, we've talked lots of rockers backstage. They seem to all tell us the same thing when it comes to what they'll make sure to do while they're here.

The one mission they have in common? Eat some lobster! Looks like Alice found a great place to get a wicked Maine meal.

Here's a photo of Alice Cooper taken one year ago this week at J's Oyster in Portland and posted on Facebook by Jason Burns.

While most rockers who perform in Maine often make the obligatory trek to one of our many fine seafood establishments, there is one thing that Alice does in his downtime that we find unique to him among his peers...golfing.

When Alice Cooper was in town for a sold-out show at Rock Row in Westbrook last year, he played at the nearby Spring Meadows Golf Club in Gray.

Check out these great photos of Alice with staff and golfers at the beautiful course. There's also some video of Alice's swing in the comments section of the post.

Here's what Alice Cooper and his killer band played one year ago this week. It was also the celebration for Celeste's 30th anniversary as the Blimp's Queen of Rock...not a bad night out at all.


Watch this chilling performance from Westbrook if you dare. Alice Cooper remains the king of rock n' roll horror. Hopefully we can do this again next year.

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