had a great article about how to show our mail carriers appreciation during this time when they are providing us with tangible contact with loved ones.

Some people hate getting mail because they associate it with getting bills, not me. Most of our bills are online now, so when I open my mail box I am happy to find a birthday card, wedding invitation, thank you card or a coupon. My kids get thank you notes for birthday presents given to friends and a monthly envelope from Little Passports. Anneliese got hers last week and she's learning about Egypt, where her dad graduated from high school.

I love getting mail and I am deeply appreciative to the mail carriers who deliver and collect it every day. Right now we are all unsure about what risks our jobs involve regarding COVID-19, we are learning more about this virus every day.

The public is also receiving mixed messages about keeping the economy going. A couple weeks ago ordering online was encouraged, and now I worry about those working to manufacture, package, send and deliver goods.

I did get a card in the mail last week that meant a lot to me and I want to say thank you to our mail carrier. I hope you have the equipment that you need to be safe doing your job.

When it comes to showing our appreciation to the hard workers of the U.S. Postal Service there are some strict rules that we should be aware of.

United States Postal workers are not allowed to accept a gift with a value of more than $20 per occassion such as a holiday or birthday, and you can't give gifts worth a total of over $50 per calendar year. Cash, checks or gift cards are not allowed. If you ignore the rule the mail carrier will have to return it to you or pay the difference out of their own pocket, which is not an ideal gift.

What U.S. mail carriers can not accept:

  • Cash
  • Anything that can be exchanged for cash
  • Stocks
  • Liquor
  • Checks
  • Anything of monetary value more than $20

Gifts that you can give your U.S. mail carrier:

  • Low cost treats such as coffee, doughnuts, cookies, or soda
  • Plaques, trophies, and homemade tributes
  • Items such as food, flowers, fruit, or candy to be shared with other postal workers
  • Gifts cards with a value of less than $20 that can't be converted to cash

A really terrific gift is actually a handwritten letter saying, "thank you" to your letter carrier and detailing how they have gone above and beyond in their service. That letter should also go to the postmaster of your mail carriers route. The letter will go into the mail carriers personnel file and that means a lot.

If you are looking for a cute, inexpensive gift for your mail carrier, here are some ideas from Etsy.

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