It's a what, a Balloonicorn?! The current owner is looking for a loving home for this inflatable companion. It's adorable, but the owner feels she doesn't have the time to dedicate to this special pet. Captain is asking me to open my heart and home and keep this magical creature out of a shelter. Cappy's gone all Sally Struthers on me.

This multi-purpose stand could be just the thing for under the tree... or in that small room in the basement hidden behind a shelf of canned goods...

verticle display case

Did you read it? It suggests displaying wind chimes, fashion belts and WHIPS?! Wait. What?! I want to give this to Captain so that when I visit him and see his houseplants and wet mittens hanging from it, I can picture a cat-o-nine tails! Eyes to the ground, Dasher!

Those are our Craigslist finds for today. Happy last minute holiday shopping!


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