It was time. My last haircut was on January 8th. It was already shaggy when I started working from home on April 2nd. Baseball hats were mandatory for all Zoom calls. This past Saturday I had it and enlisted my incredible daughter Olivia to cut my hair. I know she cut her OWN hair when she as like 3 years old, but that was the extent of her expertise in the field Luckily for me, Liv is good at just about everything she tries so I knew I could trust her with the new clippers and the tiny scissors she uses for crafting.

Check it out. I think it looks GOOD!



Looks like I'm not the only one who got trimmed this past weekend. Bruuuuuuce


Barbershops and Salons are back open in Maine, but if you still want to DIY it, here are some tips.




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