Last week I took a trip up the coast to Damariscotta to visit students at Great Salt Bay Community School to talk about radio during a program they call "The Lunch Bunch". Mrs. Albert organized two groups of terrific students. We brainstormed ideas for businesses, wrote radio commercials, and of course, had lunch! It's been many years since I've had school lunch so I joined the kids for some spaghetti and a juice box. It was really good!

I was happy to see Maine ingenuity at work. One guy hollowed out his roll and stuffed it with spaghetti to make a sandwich!

I was really impressed by the teachers and kids at Great Salt Bay. I even left with a list of spelling words to work on!  

Here's the list with their meanings so that you can dazzle friends, family and co workers today:

Denticles- A small tooth or tooth-like projection

Indescribable- Impossible to describe adequately

Decipher- To read or inerpret

Acronym- A word formed by combining the initials of a multi-part name

Tetrodotoxin -A potent neurotoxin found in many pufferfishes and certain other animlas, including salamanders and crabs

Pentominoes- A polyomimo composed of 5 congruent squares, connected along the edges

Manipulatives- An object designed so that a learner can perceive some mathematical concept by manipulating it

Thank you to the students, teachers and lunch ladies that made my afternoon at Great Salt Bay Community School so much fun!

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