A number of classic rockers have decided to give up touring over the past few years and are currently on farewell tours. We take a closer look at them below.

The most recent trend more or less started in 2015, when Rush announced that the shows celebrating their 40th anniversary would "most likely be their last major tour." They've stuck to their word. Since then, many legendary artists -- including Elton John, Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne -- have announced worldwide treks spanning several years to give fans one last opportunity to see them onstage.

We detail the reasons why some musicians have decided to quit, as well as information about when the farewell tours started and when they're expected to end. But because some of these final dates are flexible, we'll constantly update with the latest dates we have.

Still, rock history is filled with musicians who've said they were quitting, only to eventually lured back on the road with the promise of a financial windfall that so often accompanies reunion tours. Many of the acts you'll read about below have said they're still planning to record and maybe occasionally get onstage for select concerts. In other words, take all of this with a grain of salt.

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