My dad was a fan of the old country legends like Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton (who doesn’t like the “Battle of New Orleans?) and Dick Curless. I must admit after you hear their songs over and over you end up singing along right? Little did I know there was some truth into the song “Tombstone Every Mile”.

The song is about a stretch of road in northern Maine that is used for truckers to transport potatoes south. Apparently it is well known for its dangerous curves and icy roads in the winter. According to the song and local legend, many truckers have died on that road. And legend also says the road is now haunted.

According to the University of Maine, Route 2A that runs through Haynesville is one of the most haunted places in Maine. If you do dare to drive this road, you may meet the sad woman pleading for help because she was in an accident with her new husband. Yet once you go to help her, she disappears. Or perhaps it’s the little girl who lost her life on this road. She is also looking for your help, but disappears when you stop. Seems pretty bone chilling to me.

So take a ride up north to visit the Haynesville Woods maybe blare some Dick Curless up there and see what you can find.

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