Is there anything more heartbreaking and stressful than a lost pet? This is Farrah, and according to News Center Maine, she was involved in a terrible car accident after the vehicle she was in was stolen and then crashed. Two people are hospitalized from the crash but Farrah ran into the woods. Her owners are hoping that she will be found unharmed.

According to Facebook there have been many sightings of Farrah and she appears unhurt. She's probably so scared, so please don't chase her. Her owners are trying to keep her in the area.

Here is her harrowing tale according to the Kennebunk Police Department...a car was stolen from Mike's Mobil Gas Station in York. The owner of the vehicle had left his keys, cell phone and dog in the car. I have done that a million times, it's why I live here. The person who stole the car was not a local, he was from Kentucky where they probably do lock there cars. Anyway, the thief took off and was spotted tearing through Wells. A high speed chase ensued with lots of dangerous, wreckless driving that ended in Kennebunk when the stolen car collided with another car and flipped over.

The suspect and two passengers were taken to Maine Medical Center with injuries, while the traumatized dog bolted for the woods across from NAPA.

The suspect refused to identify himself but State Police have confirmed him as being Joshua Burton, 27 of Louisville, Kentucky. He's in all kinds of trouble and is due to appear in court in July.

Please keep an eye out for Farrah and try not to scare her away if you do see her. Report any sighting of her to the Kennebunk Police right away.

P.S. I've seen this pup's name spelled Farrah, Pharah and Pharoah-so I took my best guess. Apologies if I got it wrong.



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