According to News Center Maine, the zero tolerance stance toward shoplifting being taken by the Auburn Police Department might be working. The Auburn P.D. is now posting mugshots of  people charged with shoplifting on their Facebook page, that happens to reach 15 thousand people.

On top of being arrested and facing the legal consequences, winding up on the Auburn P.D. Facebook page is embarrassing. Over the past six months or so the department has seen a 25% decrease in shoplifting arrests, so the new approach seems to be working.

The change in policy came about because of a huge spike in shoplifting in Auburn. "Skip scanning" happens when someone using the self-checkout doesn't scan and pay for all of their items. It's easier to get caught than you might think and if you do, you will be facebook famous in Auburn.

The Auburn P.D. says that drug use is partially to blame, but also point out that no matter what the motivation is, shoplifting is a crime that hurts our businesses.

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