When I think about the basic necessities of every day life, the top of my list is a warm shower with a fresh bar of Dove soap! Unfortunately, in a new survey personal hygiene has fallen into second place-behind the internet! If the person next to you in a meeting smells like hot garbage, you can blame it on excellent internet speed. According to the results of the survey, technology is THE most important component to having a successful day! Coffee came in at number nine?! What's going on in this world?!

Here are the top 14 answers:

1. The internet

2. Showers and baths

3 .T.V.

4. Laptops and iPads

5. A car

6. A cell phone

7. A pet dog or cat

8. A washing machine

9. Coffee

10. Books or Kindles

11. A comfy couch or chair

12. Make-up

13. Newspapers and magazines

14. Chocolate

Human contact no longer requires humans to be in each other's presence apparently. The survey found that 51% percent of people could go longer without seeing their friends than go without a phone, 48% could go longer without seeing their family than go without the internet, and a pathetic 12% could go longer without FOOD than social media!

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A shower and coffee are at the top of my list.



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