It's fiddlehead season in Maine! We have a very short window to enjoy these unique, wild ferns that taste sort of like asparagus. But before you go foraging, there are a few things you need to know:

  • get permission from the landowner before setting off
  • harvest them when they are 4-12 inches high
  • pick no more than half of the emerging fiddleheads from each crown
  • never eat fiddleheads raw!
  • they must be properly cleaned and boiled or steamed, to prevent food poisoning
  • put the dry fiddleheads in a paper bag and shake, shake, shake it-to get some of the papery flakes off
  • then use a large bowl of water and rinse them several times, changing the water

Here's a video about safe preparation.

They are yummy sauteed, but take them to the next level with these 10 delicious vegetarian fiddlehead recipes!

Did you grow up harvesting or eating fiddleheads? Any recipes that Memere passed down to you that you are willing to pass along to us? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #fiddleheadseason.

I'll be looking for them at the Farmer's Market on Monument Square Wednesday.



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