Adam Roy, of Portland Firefighters Children's Burn Foundation gave us some important safety information as we approach July 4th. Check out their website for very important fire safety information. Fireworks have become legal in some Maine towns, but not all. With fireworks in the hands of the untrained, accidents happen.

Here's how to avoid disaster from Kids Health:

  • leave fireworks to the professionals
  • have water available close by
  • soak spent fireworks in buckets of water before putting them in the trash
  • never let kids play with fireworks
  • don't carry fireworks in your pockets, the friction could set them off
  • don't light fireworks in your hand
  • wear protective eyewear
  • stay away from people setting them off, fireworks can be unpredictable and shoot off in random directions
  • only buy legal fireworks
  • never try to make your own

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