It's always been a popular spot during the summer months, but for those of you who don't know, you can enjoy a fun summer tubing trip down the Saco River in Mount Washington Valley, NH.

At approximately 136 miles long, the Saco River travels from Saco Lake in the White Mountains down through Harts Location, Bartlett, and Conway before making its way into Maine, according to the NH Department of Environmental Services. Understandably so, it attracts visitors who want to enjoy outdoor recreational activities like "fine fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sight-seeing, hiking, and camping...".

The Saco River Tubing Center offers plenty of ways for tourists to make the most of their time visiting the river with "sandy beaches and crystal clear water" that averages just three feet deep during the summer months.

Courtesy of the tubing center, you have a selection of multiple experiences to choose from. According to the website, the two-hour 1 Mile Float resembles a water park's lazy river. The 3 Mile Redstone Rapids Float takes things up a notch, with "3 sections of small rapids (when water levels allow) as well as beaches and rope swings." The equally-long Covered Bridge Float finishes at Conway's Covered Bridge and has one small rapid. Lastly, there's the Full Day Float, which is also a lazier ride and takes 5-7 hours depending on water levels.

The Tubing Center also offers Kayak & Canoe River Trips, where you can rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle board, and enjoy a 5, 7.8, or 9.2-mile adventure. You can learn more about those offerings here.

For more information on the Tubing Center click here or visit this link for FAQ's.

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