It's really great to see my hometown getting props. Earlier this year, I was happily surprised to see that Augusta, Maine was featured on the cover of Down East Magazine's 'Best Places To Live' issue.

Now comes a really well done brand new music video that's a great tribute to our Capital City.

It stars a scooter riding gang of lovable Augusta hooligans cruising down Sand Hill, up Water Street and of course (our favorite road to run as teens) along Western Avenue, among other familiar spots.

The song is called "A to the U" was created by Ben, the Maker.  According to Ben's YouTube channel, this is from his recently released album Integrity.


Yes, that's right. The city that many have jokingly dissed as 'Disgusta' when they find out where I grew up, is enjoying a more positive reaction these days.

As Ben raps in the song, "Forget the years gone past. Times are changing fast." Yessuh, let's keep that Augusta optimism goin'!

This music video makes me proud of where I came from. Now I gotta get back home to the Kennebec Valley for a visit soon. It's time for the Gu to get back "Up Gust".

Well done Ben and company. As the kids say these days, "this is wicked fly, guy!"

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