First of all full disclosure here, I had the honor and pleasure of performing in a theater production of South Pacific with this incredibly talented woman about 42 years ago when I was wee lad in Augusta. So I might be biased, but this is the best Quarantine Karaoke video I've seen so far.

Her name is Roberta Newman Katz. She is best known as 'Birdie' or 'Mama Bird'. If you are a fan of musical theater and have ties to Central Maine, it's very likely that you know about her. Maybe you have been fortunate to watch her on stage as she has been entertaining us for decades.

Birdie decided to join the fun on Facebook and sing us a song. But unlike what most others are doing, she came up with her own clever social distancing lyrics instead performing a cover version.

Birdie is belting into a mixing whisk and taking on the role as the 'Singing Chef' from her kitchen. She makes up some silly new words that rhyme with distancing that we might all start using like resistancing, admitancing, persistancing.





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