Most weekends from May through October, I can be found providing music and MC services at wedding receptions with my buddy Dom. Over the past 30 years, people have often made some unusual and inappropriate requests. Recently we had a bride decide she needed to sit in my lap while making a request. We suspect she started celebrating way early.  Awkward and kinda trashy dont'cha think? Oh well, it's was her day.

The bride in this video really takes it to the next level of zero Fs given. Sure, maybe this song could be played toward the end of the night when everyone is properly lubricated and the old folks and kids are gone, but as a processional wedding march!?! You won’t believe what this 'classy bride' chose. And even worse, it’s the Karaoke version. Make sure you watch it till the end. I don't know what's more unsettling, her stripper dance moves or her almost husband and groomsmen's 'Axl bandanas'?

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