My family used to have geckos as pets and we were always careful to not pick them up by their tails. That's because if you grab them that way, the tails detach from their bodies. Freaky, huh? However just like a lobster claw, the tails grow back. My good friend, Jamie Goddard of Westbrook was recently on an adventure in Africa and well, I'll just let him tell the story.

"I went to South Africa with a few of my global friends to "explore trees". This guy Jack from the UK was a beast. We would challenge him, and He would eat anything. One morning we were just having a peek around and we found a small gecko in a plant pot. We picked up the gecko by his tail, meaning no harm, but in defense it dropped its tail. (They do that). So the gecko lives (he will regrow his tail) but the tail was obviously now for Jack.

On our trip, Jack also ate kudu poop, a 1kg steak bloody rare, and a nasty caterpillar which was described as chewing on a condom....."

That's wicked gross dude! Wonder if this guy was ever on Fear Factor?

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