The one heartbreaking thing that came out of today's press conference was the fact that Gyms and other types of fitness centers will be closed until further notice, which means it is expected to go past the June 1 st reopening date. According to our friends at the Portland Press Herald, Governor Mills sited research about the Gyms being a place where people are more at risk of getting a virus transmission than other venues. That breaks my heart because I really was looking forward to going back in and sculpting my guns, I have a beach body to get ready for, and it does not matter If I am the only one there. 

Woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician


Another thing that came out of the press conference today was nail salons. apparently, in California, they were identified as a "Source of COVID 19 community transmission." This makes a lot of sense, but my feet look horrendous, and I am in need of a good scrape and pampering. This is just another one of those things I was looking forward too for a Maine summer on the previously aforementioned beach after being locked away the past two months. 

At the end of the day, it looks like our summer bodies will have to wait until fall and we will need to wear water shoes instead of sandals this year. Just remember to be patient, this too shall pass. 

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