Happy 420 Maine!  Did you all leave out cookies and milk for Willie Nelson last night for 420 Eve? Good. We would like to invite you to have some 420 fun with us and play "Weed or Steed?" You read it right. This is the kind of stuff we come up with reallllllllly late at night for the WBLM Morning Show. It occurred to us that the creative names for the different strains of pot are somewhat similar to the creative names people come up with for racehorses. And in honor of 420 in 2021, we thought we would launch a little game we like to call WEED....OR...STEED? 

Ready to play along with the Captain and Celeste? Good Luck.

Question 1- Mile High Club. Weed or Steed?

Question 2- Willies Wonder. Weed or Steed?

Question 3- Sour Tsunami. Weed or Steed?

Question 4- Jack Flash. Pot name or Horse name?

Question 5- Old Rose Bud. Weed or Steed?

Get the answers by listening to The Captain and Celeste





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