Here we go with another week of crazy Maine vanity plates as curated from the one and only Morgan...the King of Maine Vanity. Morgan spends a great deal of his time traveling all over the state taking pictures of a varied assortment of wild and wacky plates. In Maine, a person can put ANYTHING on their license plate, as long as they can do it in seven characters or less. I have given a letter grade to each of this week's new crop of vanity plates. I judge on creativity, "Maine-ness," overall general interest and the "would I have a beer with this motorist" test.

How would you grade this week's bunch?


Good on creativity but you lose me on the beer test. B-


Are you one or are you calling me one? Either way, let's have that beer. B+


Good vice from this one and 10 bonus points for the Bruins sticker. B+


Yes on creativity. A plus on Maine vibe. Jealous that you own it. A grade



Yes, it's rude but you're backing it up with that giant load of wood. A grade



Yes. And the Z gives it some Zip. A-


An oldie but a goodie. B grade.

Do you have a cool Maine vanity plate yet? Did you know you can see what's taken and what's available online? You can even mock up a plate to see how it looks. Just hit this BMV link. Be careful might end up spending wayyyy to much time on this site.