We've got another great crop of Maine vanity license plates for you this week, thanks to the great folks at King of Maine Vanity. You see, here in the Pine Tree State, you are allowed to put ANYTHING on a vanity plate, as long as you can keep it to seven characters. Our top 8 from this week goes from the religious to the profane to the purely ridiculous. Let's count 'em down...

#8.- Yes, I say this A LOT when I'm driving, so right back at ya...


#7-Anytime in that beautiful 'Vette!


#6- We liked this one. With all the incredibly dirty and NSFW or Road plates we see, it's nice to get one more on this side of the scale. Plus, it's not preachy. 

#5...And we're back to our regularly scheduled naughtiness...


#4-Is this really necessary? Funny though!

#3- They get points for being Ghostbusters. And more points for the ectoplasm reference. I've been SLIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEDDDDD!


#2. Here's a nice mix of #6 and #5. 


#1...drum roll, please...KNDASLO. It took a beat or two but we laughed out loud. And we like vanity plates that describe your driving. It helps. Congrats to our winner this week!


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