What is the Oldest State?

Well, it's Maine. Let's not waste anyone's time. Quite honestly, I'm sure most people already know this, or have at least heard it could be the case. It seems that every year, new evidence or theory simply continues to solidify the truth.

Maine's median age is over 45 years old. That means half of Maine's population is either younger or older. As you may have guessed, this is the oldest number in the country, and typically measured in these studies.

Why is Maine So Old?

There are several main factors that play into Maine being the oldest state. According to the Maine Monitor, one of those major factors is the extremely low birthrate in the state, about 25% lower than the national average. Other factors include poor weather, lack of opportunity, and the slow transition of certain industries. All of these and more have played a role in Maine remaining older than all.

Where Are the Oldest Populations?

Call me curious, but I was very, well, curious about where the oldest populations exist. I assumed counties with urban areas would be near the bottom. Urban typically means a younger population, with more jobs, city housing, and young family suburbia.

I also expected the rural areas and less populated areas to trend older, and they typically do. However, there are a few surprises, including a very youthful showing by a western county or two.

You can find the complete list below. The data is from the maine.gov website. The methodology is percentage of population above the age of 55.

Maine Counties Ranked by 55+ Population Percentage

Maine is known for being the oldest state. But, where exactly are the oldest spots in Maine? Here it is broken down by county.

The info comes from maine.gov.

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