I love it. Celeste does not. It's a ridiculous and fantastic version of Steve Miller's epic song, "The Joker."  You know it and love it but you've never heard a version like this before. You know the wolf whistle sound after the line, "...some people call me Maurice...." ?  Well, some smart ass out there on the interwebs thought it would be a great idea to put that wolf whistle after EVERY LINE IN THE SONG. That's right, 45 wolf whistles. I think it's hysterical but Celeste doesn't see it that way. I am so lucky to have a morning show partner that is incredibly patient!  Seriously, I almost cry every time I hear this, it's so funny. Is it a guy thing?


Steve Miller
Steve Miller



Here it is if you have not heard it yet. BUT BEWARE! Once you hear this version you may never be able to hear the normal version the same ever again. This is your final warning. Ok then, have at it!





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