The great Fred Marple is back with a summah report from the fictional "under-appreciated town of Frost Heaves", New Hampshire. Fred always does a wicked accurate job with his delivery of the finest in New England dry humor.

He was up early on Sunday morning to give us "all the hot (and not-so-hot) news" happening lately while blueberry picking on top of "Mount Scusame".

Fred covers everything from the upcoming celebration of "FHART IN THE PARK" to the beloved return of Beatrice Tompkins talk on Blackflies, Mosquitoes Presidential Candidates and other Seasonal Pests.

If my Nana were still here to see this, she would react also dryly with approval, "well, ain't he some comical."

We love Fred here at WBLM! We especially love that he reminds us of the laughs the we once shared with our parents and grandparents. Ayuh!

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