Okay, we know that the legendary live double album that is likely found in nearly every Blimpsters record collection was born 45 years ago.

However, today is the actual date in rock history when Frampton Comes Alive. He was born in South London on April 22, 1950.

Happy 71st Birthday to the great Peter Frampton from WBLM.

Early on in his career, the renowned guitarist was in the bands the Herd and Humble Pie. He found his greatest success as a solo artist with his worldwide smash Frampton Comes Alive in 1976. That historic live album is certified platinum by the RIAA.

Check out this full performance of Do You feel Like We Do from the Midnight Special in the mid 70s.

It features really cool close-ups of Frampton making his guitar speak like no one else can, using that crazy "Talk Box" effect.

Oh yeah. We should probably give you the answer to the question in the headline of this article, huh.

Here you go.

Frampton has 'Come Alive' in Maine with 6 trips here over the years. New Hampshire beats us with 12 Peter Frampton concerts since 1992.

His first appearance here was at Lewiston's Central Maine Youth Center in 1975.


Yup. It's a short setlist. But you gotta remember, they probably jammed on Do You Feel Like We Do for close to a half hour...right?

The last trip to Maine was in the summer of 2018 at Darling's Watyerfront Pavilion in Bangor with Steve Miller.

Notice he opened and closed his set with the same two songs in 2018, as he did 43 years earlier in 1975.

Something's Happening and Do You Feel Like We Do 



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