News of the coming snow storm did not squelch the spring fever that I had yesterday. I picked up the girls from school, piled in some of their friends and went to Red's Dairy Freeze for treats!


You are looking at my favorite summertime calorie splurge, a raspberry hot fudge sundae! I always get a small, because it fits conveniently into my cup holder for the ride home.

The back seats were pure joy!

car ride

I dropped the kids off at the neighbor's where they spent the rest of the afternoon creating with driveway chalk. We laugh at you snow storm! Witness our springtime beauty!

driveway chalk

My next stop was Shaw's where my spring fever continued to heavily influence my spending. Hmm, summertime dinner...WOW! Corn on the cob?! Gimme some of that!


Mark has been craving ribs, so while they were bubbling away in the crock pot, I husked the corn. Oh that amazing smell! I forgot how good fresh corn smells! Sabelle wanted to eat it raw.

While making my way through the grocery store, I spotted another sign of spring that just amped up my fever-tulips!


After all of the spring fun that I had yesterday, it's hard to imagine that we'll be shoveling tomorrow. When it comes to preparing for a spring snow storm, this Mainer chooses to ignore the storm and lean into spring!


Is the coming snow bumming you out, or is it just part of life in Maine? Comment on our Fan Page.



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