Where to begin... well, this crokus was gorgeous 24 hours before this picture was taken when I was planning a blog post about the signs of spring on my street. There was evidence: we have a family of birds building a nest in the eaves of our garage, the sound of a bouncing basketball has returned next door, neighbors are cleaning up fallen branches from winter storms, my kids and dogs are coming in with muddy paws and boots. These are all signs of spring. Then, BOOM! more snow. I have to scrape the frost off my car windows in the morning and crank up the defroster. I'm still stuck in my winter clothes that I've become so sick of and now we face more "wintery mix" later this weekend.

Here is my message of hope:

blooming crokus

The crokus' will bloom again! The thermometer will one day reach 55 degrees! When it reaches 46 degrees Tommy C. will start wearing shorts to work and not stop until Santa comes! I will eat a hot dog from a hot dog stand again! Children will play soccer on grass instead of snow! Farmers will have food at our Wednesday Farmer's Market!

Be patient my friends, spring will come one day.

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