I have been to Funtown/Splashtown at least two dozen times, and yet — I have never been on the Astrosphere.

I've always been afraid of the Astrosphere. First, I have a hard time saying it. Second — I really didn't know what was in that dome? That fear alone was enough for me to skip it. But mention that you've never been on the Astrosphere, and watch people gasp with horror. How could you go to Funtown/Splashtown USA and NOT ride the Astrosphere?

I don't know.

I do know the song, that for so many Mainers, will take them right to that domed ride immediately — ELO's 'Fire On High'. I like that song, I like rides — I really should ride the Astrosphere!

It's basically a Scrambler (which I have been on) under a dome with cool laser lights. I honestly don't know how I've missed it all these years. It is now on my bucket list. But I think I want to get others who, for whatever reason, have not been on this iconic ride of rides.

Have you never been on the Astrosphere? Should we get a support group going and just ride the damn thing?

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