If you love the sound of the victorious chain rattle when you land your putter disc in the basket, then this is for you. Disc Golfers of Blimpville are about to get another super cool and uncommon opportunity to play indoors

Get your disc bags packed, because there are more chances to play the popular outdoor sport inside the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland on Friday February 26 and Saturday February 27, then again on Friday March 12 and Saturday March 13.

My son Carter and I love to get out and toss 'em during the warmer months. We've hit great courses in Southern Maine like Hammond Farm in North Berwick, Funky Bow in Lyman, Pleasant Hill and Bittersweet in North Yarmouth to name a few.

He has asked me a couple times this winter, "Would you like to go disc golfing?"  "Ummmm...What are you, crazy?" As much as I enjoy playing, no way am I freezing my ass and trudging through the snow. Although, I do suppose it's way easier to spot where your disc lands this time of year. Ask me again in April." Apparently there a quite a few courses in Maine that are open for play year round. I guess if ya bundle up it could be a good time. I'm just not that hardcore about it.

Well here's an amazing solution for those of us with disc golf fever.

Hammond Farm Disc Golf and Lone Pine Brewing are bringing Downtown Indoor Disc Golf to Portland.  They'll have a 9 hole course set up around the inside of the "Civic Center". Think of it. Disc golf baskets in the stands, in the hallways, all over the place.  What a rush to play where we've seen so many concerts and hockey games over the years!

They'll be playing this weekend for the first time at Cross Insurance Arena.

According to their website, "all tee time slots have been filled." for this Saturday and Sunday.

Reservations for the upcoming February and March dates go on sale Friday February 19 at 10am. 

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