If you love the sound of the victorious chain rattle when you land in the basket, man oh man are you going love this. Disc Golfers of Blimpville are about to get a super cool opportunity to play indoors  Get your drivers, mid-ranges, and putters together because the opportunity to play the popular sport inside the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland is a just a few weeks away.

My son Carter and I love to get out and toss 'em during the warmer months. We've hit great courses in Southern Maine like Hammond Farm in North Berwick, Funky Bow in Lyman, Pleasant Hill and Bittersweet in North Yarmouth to name a few.

It's funny cause he just asked me the other day if I wanted to go disc golfing. I was like, "What are you, crazy?" No way am I freezing my ass off doing that. Ask me again in April." Apparently there a quite a few courses in Maine that are open for play year round. I guess if ya bundle up it could be a good time. I'm just not that hardcore about it. Maybe someday.

However this news got my attention today.  We received a press release from the Cross Insurance Arena announcing that disc golfing will be coming to the venue this month on February 20 and 21. And you know what? That's the weekend between my son's birthday on the 17th and mine on the 23rd. I guess we better get signed up. As if we don't wanna go play disc golf at the "Civic Center"!

Here's all the details and how to reserve tee times from the Cross Insurance Arena: 

"The Cross Insurance Arena and Hammond Farm Disc Golf have partnered together to bring Disc Golf indoors to downtown Portland.  The course will be set up inside the Cross Insurance Arena for 2 days, February 20 & 21.  Reservations go on sale to the public Saturday, February 6 at 10AM.

“We are very excited to co-host this unique, first of its kind event in downtown Portland.” says Hammond Farm Disc Golf course owner Jesse Cotty.  “Our indoor course layout is very unique and completely different from our woodsy course in North Berwick. No trees and no snow in February, that sounds like a good time to me!”

The cost to play the 9-hole course is $10.00 per participant and participants will have the option to rent a Discs when they arrive.  Tee times can be made and paid for online at www.CrossArenaPortland.Com.  Tee times will start at 8AM, with the last tee time at 8PM, and with 10 minutes between tee times. Participants will be required to wear masks and adhere to social distancing whenever inside the arena, including while playing.


The course will take place throughout the arena, ranging from baskets being placed in the stands, to the hallways.  The course is designed for all levels of experience, and being indoors adds to this unique set up.
“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve had to get creative with the events we host.  This is just another example of one of those events and I’m really excited we are able to bring something completely new to the area.” Says Spectra General Manager at the Cross Insurance Arena, Melanie Henkes.


Participants will enter through the Cross Insurance Entrance at the corner of Center St. and Spring St.  They should arrive 10 minutes prior to their tee time, and will be temperature checked upon arriving at the arena. "

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