WARNINGIf you are one of the few that are new to the Hillbilly Weather Report, we caution you that he uses lots of colorful language. In other words, he talks like you and me. Anyhow, he’s a wicked good fella from New Hampshire and he's our favorite thing about winter. 

The Hillbilly says,

"This time this one's gonna be all f-in' snow and it's gonna dump a sh*tload on us and it's gonna f-in' suck."

Now that's a f-in' forecast!!

Let's get the whole thing!


We love how he breaks the S.H.I.T. down! Here's what we need to know.

Storm - Nor'easta

How - up the coast

Intensity - 1-2" hr'

Timing - afternoon/overnight

Don't fret too much though. The Hillbilly gives us the hopeful message that warmer snowless weather is coming soon.

"We're startin' March with a heavy snow. The only blessing is, snow doesn't last long. By next week, most of this sh*t's gonna be gone."





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