Calling all kiddos! It's officially time to visit the iconic Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.. and it's FREE!

Every Wednesday from July 5th-Augusta 30th you can bring your children to visit the unique gardens for no cost to them. This is all courtesy of good old L.L.Bean.

Did you know this place is over 300 acres and has gardens, magical natural sights, and whimsical Guardians of the Seeds? Dudes, it's pretty awesome!
In addition to all of that wonderous enjoyment, you can also check out the installations of giant recycled wood trolls! This is all according to their website. 
This is my type of spot ya'll! Maine Botanical Guardians shows us how important it is to protect our precious earth and help to preserve all of our flora and plants!
Maine Botanical Gardens via Facebook
Maine Botanical Gardens via Facebook
According to their Facebook page, the message of the Giant Trolls raises awareness around conservation, respect, and finding joy in nature! Pictured above is a cute family visiting the youngest of trolls, Lilja, for the very first time.
Ever since these big guys settled in the Botanical Gardens, the Guardians of the Seeds have left an important influence on the forest and everyone who comes to witness the magic, wonder, and greatness of this spectacle.
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens via Facebook
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens via Facebook
This wonderous place helps you to share the importance of conservation and preservation to our next generation.
So if you're free on a Wednesday until August 30th, you can bring your children to visit for FREE!

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