A gal named Brea Chislett is a photographer in Wayland, Massachusetts. Brea has combined two of her greatest passions – dogs and taking pictures – and is on a quest to find the cutest pup in the Metro West. She organized the "Pooch Playoffs," which is essentially a dog beauty contest. She has a background in documentary photography, and wanted to create a fun way to connect people through their pets.

The tournament features 16 adorable dog portraits (taken by Wonderstruck Studio) competing in a single-elimination bracket (March Madness-style), with the winner earning the title of "Ulti-Mutt Cutie."

The competition isn't just about cuteness, no no! There is a charitable component which we love. Folks who want their pooch to participate pay a $99 entry fee, and that money is donated directly to Jr's Paws for a Cause, which is a nonprofit based in Natick, Massachusetts.

Brea views the Pooch Playoffs as a lighthearted and enjoyable way for the community to come together and support a cause. She realizes that while comparing children might be mean and inappropriate, it’s just harmless fun with pets! Online voting for the cutest dog will kick off this Friday, March 15, and goes until the end of the month. If you want to cast your vote, make sure to bookmark this link.

I absolutely love this idea, and think we should bring it to New Hampshire next year. I know a few dogs that would thrive in a competition like this.

May the cutest pooch win!

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