This is Stanley. A couple of months ago he was homeless and surfing around porches and decks in our neighborhood, trying to get a little heat that may be leaking out around doorways. Now he's like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Mark is his butler, I am his maid, and the children are at his beck and call for entertainment and treats. The dogs let us know when he wants to go out and when he wants to come in! At bedtime he lines up with the dogs for a good night treat.

He has his own window perch overlooking his estate, where he can enjoy fine dining above the fray of children and dogs.

Stanley also has his own bathroom. We installed a cat door to the basement to give him his privacy. Mark and I do not have a master bath, or even a lock on our shared bathroom door. Meanwhile, our cat is living in luxury. I didn't post pictures of all of his play things because you would just think that I'm a crazy cat lady. Which, I'm NOT! I spoil the dogs too...

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I have to re-stuff toys with catnip now, before he wakes up from his nap.