Our unique vernacular is a constant fascination to folks 'from away', as well as the folks who live here and don't think we talk funny. Well we do. Wicked.

This smaht fella right heah splains it. In this video, he goes over the uses of the wicked Mainah phrase, 'A Mess A' which means a whole lot of something.  We're usually right out straight, so we Mainahs need to economize our speech. That way we can get some friggin' work done, right?

We say things like 'A Mess A' to describe the sheer volume of stuff like:

A Mess A Bugs (lobstahs)

or   A Mess A Pies from Auntie

We also love his nod to the classic, dry Downeast comedy of 'Bert and I' with his lobster boat mouth sounds.


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