Maine Accent

Maine’s 10 Rules for Outta Statahs
Now that the summer season is slowly kicking in around here, we want to make sure visitors from away understand what's expected before the arrive. We came across this spot-on list of 10 rules for tourists to go over (and hopefully agree to) before they invade Vacationland.
How to Speak Propah Maineglish
These two Downeast knuckleheads are here to explain the proper use of the word, ‘wicked’ with their Maineglish instructional video. Meet Chipper and Randy from Glenburn (up neah Bangor, guy). These friggin’ guys are hilarious! They are the Wayne and Garth of Maine.
WATCH: Another Wicked Maine Accent We Love!
I grew up in Augusta, the son of a father from Houlton and a mother from Rockland. When it comes to being a dyed-in-the-wool native with a pedigree of potato pickin' and lobsterin' the accent around my house was a beautiful mix or North and South. The Maine Accent is fairly similar where e…
Listen: Wicked Mainah Reads WebMD
I found myself oddly riveted to this fella’s voice reading the description of how to tell the difference between corns (or I should say, “cahns”) and callouses from WebMD.

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