This guy wants to give you 10 great words to mispronounce, Maine style!

Ah, the good ol' Maine accent. It’s pretty funny, considering that since I am in radio, I’ve been trying to lose mine for years, but every once in a while, it slips out. Did you know that in a recent national publication, the Maine accent was voted the 4th sexiest in the entire nation? Amazing, but true. And of course, as any Mainer knows, the secret to the perfect Maine accent is replacing the e and r at the end of a word, with the letters a and h.

In his series "How to talk like a Yankee!" this Youtuber gives you perfect instructions on how to take everyday words and shape them into the perfect Maine way of saying them. There are actually more than 10, but hey, I didn't make the video.

I swear that I have heard my mother say everyone single one of these words in a thick Maine accent, and of course, I have mercilessly mocked her for it. But, you can't deny the accent has its charms.

Here are some examples:
Kenya-Can You

This gentleman also has a video that will be beneficial for all our friends in Massachusetts. He teaches you how to properly pronounce words from that region. Now I know the "Good Will Hunting" way of saying Leominster, Peabody, Somerville, Quincy, and Worcester. How do ya like them apples!

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