Not only do our words have a particular (or should I say, pahticulah?) accent here in Maine, we also have some pretty unique lingo.

In the latest episode of the Welcome To Maine series, our favorite dubbahs Troy and Mark fill us in on the colloquialisms and how the distinctions differ in various locations around the state.

Well, Troy does the bulk of the talking. But you'd be surprised how much Mark contributes by strictly saying, "Yuht." They'll demonstrate how "it's the most versatile word there is."

The new video is a lesson in how we talk up heah. So whether you are a Mainer yourself or just love us and want to learn more, you'll likely laugh yer friggin' nips right off watching these guys.

If you've been following the string of hilarious videos you'll be pumped to see that the closing nut tap is back too. Mark however, isn't pumped about that.

WBLM is proud to present Troy and Mark coming to us from the boiler room of "some homebuyers from away" for Welcome Too Maine Ep 14: The Maine Accent.

Portland comics, Ian Stuart/"Mark" and James Theberge/"Troy" have performed together around the state in The Maine Comedy All Stars shows.

We gotta give it up for these guys for helping to distract us from all the gloom week after week. They are sowing the seeds of laughter on social media with highly entertaining stuff throughout these challenging times of very limited options for live performance.

Since the Welcome To Maine series debuted in August, Troy and Mark have hilariously reported from Portland Head LightThe Desert of MaineThe Moxie Store in Lisbon FallsB & M Baked Beans in Portlandthe Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Stephen King's house, the Cryptozoology Museum and more.

If you have any ideas of where else they should go for future episodes, hit 'em up on the 'Welcome To Maine' Facebook page.

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