Hey Bub and Bubettes!! We're not letting the rain and cold weather stop us from another Wild and Rockin Broadcast at the Gritty's in L/A with the Blimp Crew!

Thanks so much to Lou Morin from The Franco Center and Dave Gutter from Rustic Overtones being on the show today. Rustic plays The Franco Center in Lewiston tomorrow night with a string section. Gonna be pretty amazing. Still tix available.

For any of you that wanna rock and have a great time, you have to come down to the Gritty's in L/A with rocking music and of course the Gritty;s beer! Generally, we are LIVE at Gritty's every last Friday of the month from noon to 5. We'll be here again on December 20th for Gritty's 25th Anniversary. We can't wait to cya!