There's much more than just music in the WBLM A to Z archives. There is a whole plethora of amazing Maine rock and roll memorabilia. As we were digging through one of the largest collections of Classic Rock in the world doing A to Z, we came across these gems. Concert posters, photos from the early days at the Blimp, and more. The concert posters are especially fun. Tickets prices at 5 or 6 bucks? you can't even buy a beer at a concert for 5 bucks!  Ticket buying locations like Deorsey's. Carroll's Music. Manassas Music. Strombolis. All gone but not forgotten.  Make sure you tune in all weekend as we get to the letters E-F-G and...nah,  that's probably all we will get to this weekend. Lots of ways to listen:


Take a stroll with us through the Blimp Archives...


WBLM Archives


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