It's not even technically summer yet and the jerks are already making their presence known.

Over the weekend beloved doughnut shop in Wells, Maine, Congdon's Doughnuts were pushed to the point of issuing a statement on their Facebook page addressing the rudeness of a few select customers.

I'll share the message shortly but I just want to know who these people are. Who out there was raised so poorly that they made it to adulthood and decided that a wise choice would be to berate a teenage employee over something as simple as a doughnut.

We live in a world where therapy is at least relatively accessible. There's no shame in getting therapy. I've been to therapy myself. But no. Instead these humans who are so emotionally stunted throw a hissy fit over doughnuts. It's absolutely mind-blowing.

Here's the message:

So please, if you can't be kind, just stay home. If you can't handle minor frustrations without exploding know that that's not normal behavior and you can get help.

I applaud Congdon's for prioritizing young people just getting into the working world. We've all been there and struggled. I also applaud them for addressing this issue in a way that is far more professional than I'm sure I could muster in that situation.

If you would like to bring some sunshine to Congdon's Doughnuts, they're located at 1090 Post Road in Wells, Maine, and open Thursdays through Sundays from 6 am until 2 pm.

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