Last summer, as parents and students waited to hear how schools would handle the on-going coronavirus pandemic, student athletes were also waiting to see how (or if) their sports' seasons would occur.

Sadly, for Maine high school football players, they would not have a season in the fall.  However, there was some hope that we would see them play in the spring.

It now looks like that will not happen.

According to WCSH 6, the MPA, or Maine Principals Association, has decided there will not be a tackle football season this spring.

There are several reasons why a spring football season cannot happen.  The first, and most critical, is that tackle football is considered a high-risk sport and cannot be played under current guidelines.

Additionally, adding football to the lineup would cause issues for the other spring sports.  Baseball and track, for example.

The idea of starting the season near the end of the school year and having is overlap into summer vacation was also squashed.  It had been suggested that play could start in late May and continue through the end of June.  That version of the season, however, was found to be too taxing on the resources of school systems.

At this point, the only thing football-playing students can do is hope the pandemic will be mostly cleared up by the fall of 2021.

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