When times are uncertain, it's best to shift from being negative and complaining. Now is a period in our lives when we all must do our best to be extra kind. We are all facing these challenges together.

There's no question that the disruptions we are experiencing are frustrating. Keep in mind, that everyone is likely fighting their own unique battles. Now we all have this common battle on top of all that.

One of the many huge challenges our communities face is making sure Maine students have what they need now that schools are closed. I wanted to to share a great Facebook post from my friend Pender.

She tells the story of our heroic Maine teachers and how they worked extra hard for the students and families this week. By the way, my friend Pender is a former Westbrook educator and former principal of an incredible place called The REAL School.

She once told me that the REAL School program is "based in love." According to the wonderful story that her husband MIke (who is also an amazing teacher) brought home to her from Westbrook Middle School, that love is everywhere if you look for it. Let's hear it for our teachers! We're sure this is just one example of of exceptional help from Maine teachers. We'd love to hear more. So please share on our Facebook page if you have a positive story to tell.

These days my friend Pender Makin is the Commission of Education. Maine students and their families are very fortunate to have this creative, brilliant, and compassionate leader in Augusta.

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