Our friends at the Maine As F*ck Facebook page have done it again. They've discovered another incredible example of the funny unique style displayed only here in this great state. If you're not following them yet, you really should. There's always great stuff there that only us locals will understand.

This bride really showed what it means to be from Maine in these wedding photos. And now you can be the proud owner of this very special dress that features pockets with enough space to stealthily hold a bottle of the the very popular Maine spirit, Fireball whiskey.

The wedding is for sale on Facebook Marketplace from Laura Dyer of Waldoboro. She humorously writes "Worn one night, obviously. Needs to be taken to a cleaners. Paid 800 almost 900 for it at David’s Bridal. Only asking for 300$"

In the photo she only demonstrates how the bottle fits in one pocket. However,  the description says "this dress can fit a bottle of fireball in its pockets!"

So it looks like there's room for two if ya wanna make sure you've got shots for all the adult guests at your reception.

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