'Maine As F*ck' is one of the Facebook pages we follow here at the Blimp. The page is the place to go for things that we are likely to only see here in Vacationland.

They explain in their about section...

" Whether you're a born & bred mainer or a flatlander submit your #MaineAsF*ck photos of life in the great state of Maine and maybe we will feature you, bub"

Usually I go there when I want to see stuff like a pictures of a snowmobile crammed into the hatchback or a video of a guy drumming during a snowstorm in his driveway.

I haven't check in for bit. But man oh man, am I glad I did today. If you enjoy the relaxing time of paddling around the pond in kayak or canoe in the Maine summertime, you're going to love this video.

It was posted on the MAF page this week by a wicked good daddio. It's great to see that he is instilling the appreciation of floating around on beautiful day early in his daughter's life. The baby's name is Lavender (so sweet!).

This quick capture right after her return to shore shows us that she is absolutely content being in a boat propped up in her life jacket. So stinkin' cute! Thanks for sharing this with your neighbors, bub. And Happy Father's Day weekend!

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